Some Links to Sites with Current Information on the Status of The Fukushima Powerplants
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Energy News

Physics Forms
SimplyInfo Atomic Power Review blog
1st Headlines Pray For Japan: Artwork
Japan - after the BIG earthquake also of interest but not Fukushima:
Time Lapse Map Of Every Nuclear Explosion Ever On Earth
Japanese News Sources ars technica discussion
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NHK World

Japan Nuclear Organize LIVE
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Japan Today

Fukushima Nuclear News
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Japan Times

Japan Earthquake LIVE
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Asahi Shimbun Early Reuters Live Coverage
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NHK World TV SimplyInfo: Crowd sourced information research & analysis without focus on profit
Other News Sources Wikipedia: Fukushima nuclear incident
RT News (Russia) Green Action - Japan
See Tell CNIC - Japan
no longer up-to-date
Wiki News Roundup
NY Times Status Updates
Fairewinds: Analysis from Arnie Gundersen and others
Links pages NIRS
Fukushima Wikispaces (Excellent: Many links) Beyond Nuclear
Fukushimafaq Common Dreams
rat haus Fukushima page Nukefree Org
Google Japan Crisis Response Union of Concerned Scientists
Photos  Real-time camera Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Tepco live camera at plant French Fukushima blog (in English)
Fukushima Daiichi Photo site Greenpeace
  Radiation survey - Fukushima
Wikispaces: Photo index
High resolution photos
More High-res photos Analysis and Commentary
Images with descriptive arrows Citigroup GEO: New Nuclear – The Economics Say No
Time, Weather and Earthquakes AP Dina Cappiello: Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief questions safety of U.S. plants in blackout
Time, date, weather in Tokyo AREVA Report:The Fukushima Daiichi Incident
Detailed Fukushima weather forcast Gavan McCormack: Hubris Punished: Japan as Nuclear State
Earthquake data map Dr. Michael Allen:  Ex-Sandia engineer talks about some of the worst things that could happen
Radiation Measurements
Daily updates of reactors 1-3 data
National Geographic: Radiation in Japan Seas: Risk of Animal Death, Mutation?
Japan Radiation Map Roundup Nuke Notes: NRC threat assessment of Fukushima risks
Graphing Earthquake, Radiation and Water Data in Japan Reuters: Officials doubted nuclear safety plans: watchdog

Fukushima reactors 1-3, water level, reactor pressure, and more  

Natalie J. Goldring: Fukushima disaster holds lessons for future
MEXT: Reading of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture Marvin Resnikoff: Doomsday Scenario at Fukushima
ZAMG (Austria) radiation plumes   Conflicting Stories Surround Fukushima Fuel Pool #4
Fukushima University: Radiation data Dr Philip Day: Radiation Dosimetry: Why Internal Emitters Are Different
NISA   Karl Grossman: Fukushima: A Month of Media Disinformation
TEPCO   Nuclear Power Can Never Be Made Safe
JAIF Congressman Markey: Statement at Hearing on Nuclear Power Plant Incident in Japan
JANTI Robert Alvarez: The Danger of Spent Nuclear Fuel
IAEA   Safeguarding Spent Fuel Pools in the United States
RDTN Monitoring   Reducing the Hazards from Stored Spent Power-Reactor Fuel in the United States
Radiation readings: KEIO University   The Error of Comparing Japan's Radiation Release to "Background Radiation"
Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites   US Spent Nuclear Fuel Largest Concentration Of Radioactivity On Planet
Absorbed Dose Radiation Mapping CWSX World Oil G&G: Estimating Radioactive Contamination from the Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant
Tokyo Office Geiger Counter ZeroHedge: Radiation Up To 4 Times Higher Than Chernobyl Evac Zone
Japan geigermap Energy News: "Fukushima has at least 20 times more radioactive inventory than Chernobyl — Ongoing, massive release of radioactivity and not over by a long shot."
Trend of Radiation around Fukushima   "Japan’s nuclear commission reveals Fukushima may have emitted more radioactive material than official Chernobyl totals."
Activity unit conversion table
Permissible Radiation Limits
Fukushima Updates from Fairwinds: Analysis from Arnie Gundersen and others
Info on conversion terms
Sievert unit of measurement
WorldWatch Institute: Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World
Graphs: Radiation Dashboard through March 2011

Fukushima Reactors Data ends April 15, 2011 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversight called too lenient
Monitoring the USA
Permissible Radiation Limits Nuclear experts say Fukushima accident was avoidable

Radiation Net (independent monitoring)

Radiation Reading in the US (independent source)

Nobel Womens Initiative: Nine Nobel Peace Laureates are calling upon world leaders to invest in safer forms of renewable energy
UC Berkeley Rain Water Sampling Results Makiko Segawa: Fukushima Residents Seek Answers Amid Mixed Signals From Media, TEPCO and Government
List of Radiation Monitoring Websites Joseph Mangano: Critique and Comments regarding ICRP's New Proposed Rregulations
EPA Radiation Monitoring
   With links to air, rainwater and milk data
Mainichi Daily News: Thousands of nuclear plant workers suffer internal radiation after visiting Fukushima
UMD Atmos Plume trajectories Irish Weather Online: Radioactivity In The Oceans After Fukushima Disaster
EPA RadNet Map View The Yomiuri Shimbun: TEPCO and the Government Responses during the First Days of the Event
EPA plans to boost radioactivity safety limits up to 100,000-fold increase AP Exclusive: Fukushima tsunami plan a single page
Health Effects Gordon Edwards: The Dangers of Nuclear Power
Permissible Radiation Limits Japan, US, Canada, EU An on-line discussion on the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering forum regarding the Banana Equivalent Dose
BIER VII: Health Risks From Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation Der Spiegel: Japan's Nuclear Cartel
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility Adam Curtis: A Is For Atom
RADNET: Radiation Pathways Dr Naoto Sekimura: Overview of the Accident in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants

Nature News: Wildlife threatened by Fukushima radiation



CDC Radiation Dictionary NEA: The release, dispersion and deposition of radionuclides from Chernobyl
Merck Manual: Radiation Exposure Bob Royer: Chernobyl's lengthy recovery has a sobering message for Japan
David Brenner: What Japan's nuclear crisis means for public health RT: Ukraine struggles to complete Chernobyl containment shelter
Radiation and Public Health Project:  Health Effects of Low Doses of Radiation IEEE Blog: Reevaluation of Chernobyl Radiation Health Effects

Excerpt from famed Japanese Film director Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams


IAEA: Chernobyl Forum Report on Environmental Consequences of Chernobyl

There are no safe doses of radiation
Statement from PSR
: "As the crisis in Japan goes on, there are an increasing number of sources reporting that 100 mSv (millisieverts) is the lowest dose at which a person is at risk for cancer," says a statement from the organisation.

"Established research disproves this claim," the statement continues. "According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are no safe doses of radiation. Decades of research show clearly that any dose of radiation increases an individual's risk for the development of cancer."

"There is unfortunately a continuing tirade of statements by self-interested parties and some official agencies ... implying a threshold for radiation exposure below which there are no adverse consequences...."

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